RAS distribution details

South Shetland Islands  (Archipelago)   (inaccurate)
Has been refined
Greenslade, P. (1995). Collembola from the Scotia Arc and Antarctic Peninsula including descriptions of two new species and notes on biogeography. <em>Polish Journal of Entomology.</em> 64:305–319.   [details]
Convey, P.; Greenslade, P.; Richard, K. J.; Block, W. (1996). The terrestrial arthropod fauna of the Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands - Collembola. <em>Polar Biology.</em> 16(4): 257-259.   [details]
A number of papers list F. grisea as occurring on the S. Shetland Islands and S. Orkney Islands. However, it is assumed that these records should now refer to F. woyciechowskii.
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