RAS distribution details

Antarctic Peninsula  (Peninsula)   (inaccurate)
F. grisea has been redescribed and its distribution redefined
Greenslade, P. (2018). An antarctic biogeographical anomaly resolved: the true identity of a widespread species of Collembola. <em>Polar Biology.</em> 41(5): 969-981.   [details]
Convey, P.; Smith, R. I. L. (1997). The terrestrial arthropod fauna and its habitats in northern Marguerite Bay and Alexander Island, maritime Antarctic. <em>Antarctic Science.</em> 9(1): 12-26.   [details]
A number of papers list F. grisea as occurring on the Antarctic Peninsula. However, it is assumed that these records should now refer to F. antarctica.
2019-11-26 08:12:35Z