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Duke, N.C. (1988) An endemic mangrove species, Avicennia integra sp. nov. (Avicenniaceae), in northern Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 1, 177-180.
Duke, N. C.
An endemic mangrove species, <i>Avicennia integra</i> sp. nov
Avicenniaceae), in northern Australia. Australian Systematic Botany
1: 177-180
This taxon was recognised in Australian mangrove assemblages as Avicennia oficinalis L., which is commonly found in Indo-Malesia and southern New Guinea. However, it is morphologically distinct, and the major distinguishing character of entire margins for calyx and bracts is unique in the genus. This species, described here as A. integra, occurs only in the Northern Territory of Australia. It therefore has the dual distinction for an Australian mangrove species of not only being endemic, but also being absent from the floristically rich tidal forests of north-eastern Queensland. Notes on its floral phenology, distribution and ecology are also given.
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Avicennia integra Duke (original description)
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