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Murina, V. V. (1976). New abyssal species of echiurans from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal. 55(6): 837–843.
Murina, V. V.
New abyssal species of echiurans from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
55(6): 837–843.
In Russian with English summary
5 new abyssal species of echiurans were found in the materials collected in 1958–1972 during the voyages of R/S «Vityaz», «Akademik Kurchatov» and «Dmitri Mendeleev» at depthes of 5–7 krn. lkedella artemiivanovi Murina, sp. n. from the Pacific. А single left nephridium with distal nephrostome оп long stalk; bushy-like anal glands not fixed to the body wall. Protobonella nikitini Murina, sp. n. from the North Pacific. Cord-like proboscis with triangular extension in its distal part; left nephridium with basal nephro­stome; anal glands as several short outgrowthes protruding from broad vesicular sacs. Р. zenkevitchi Murina, sp. n. from the Aleutsky trench. Tubular proboscis shorter than trunk; right nephridium with basal nephrostome, anal glands as two short sac-like out­:growthes with numerous ciliated funnels. Sluiterina flabellorhynchum Murina, sp. n. from the Scotia Sea (South Atlantic). Fan-shaped proboscis equal in length to trunk; left ne­phridium with central nephrostome; bushy-like anal glands. S. vityazi Murina., sp. n. from the Aleutsky trench. Spatula-like proboscis, 1.5 times longer than trunk; left nehpridium with central nephrostome. The diagnosis of the genus Sluiterina is precised and а key to 3 species of the genus is provided.
North Pacific
South Atlantic
Abyssal, Deep-Sea
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Protobonellia nikitini Murina, 1976 (original description)
Sluiterina Monro, 1927 (additional source)
Sluiterina flabellorhynchum Murina, 1976 (original description)
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