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Lindavia bodanica (Eulenstein ex Grunow) Nakov et al., 2015

1289925  (

Cyclotella bodanica Eulenstein ex Grunow, 1878· accepted, alternate representation
recent + fossil
Not documented
Kociolek, J.P.; Balasubramanian, K.; Blanco, S.; Coste, M.; Ector, L.; Liu, Y.; Kulikovskiy, M.; Lundholm, N.; Ludwig, T.; Potapova, M.; Rimet, F.; Sabbe, K.; Sala, S.; Sar, E.; Taylor, J.; Van de Vijver, B.; Wetzel, C.E.; Williams, D.M.; Witkowski, A.; Witkowski, J. (2018). DiatomBase. Lindavia bodanica (Eulenstein ex Grunow) Nakov et al., 2015. Accessed through: (Eds) (2018) Register of Antarctic Species at: on 2019-03-23
(Eds) (2019). Register of Antarctic Species. Lindavia bodanica (Eulenstein ex Grunow) Nakov et al., 2015. Accessed at: on 2019-03-23
2018-08-12 13:22:17Z

new combination reference Nakov, T.; Guillory, W.; Julius, M.; Theriot, E.; Alverson, A. (2015). Towards a phylogenetic classification of species belonging to the diatom genus <em>Cyclotella</em> (Bacillariophyceae): Transfer of species formerly placed in <em>Puncticulata</em>, <em>Handmannia</em>, <em>Pliocaenicus</em> and <em>Cyclotella</em> to the genus <em>Lindavia</em>. <em>Phytotaxa.</em> 217(3): 249., available online at
page(s): 254 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

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