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Patiriella littoralis (Dartnall, 1970)

1325697  (

Marginaster littoralis Dartnall, 1970 (transferred by O'Hara et al. (2018))
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
Mah, C.L. (2019). World Asteroidea Database. Patiriella littoralis (Dartnall, 1970). Accessed through: (Eds) (2019) Register of Antarctic Species at: on 2019-02-21
(Eds) (2019). Register of Antarctic Species. Patiriella littoralis (Dartnall, 1970). Accessed at: on 2019-02-21
2019-02-07 09:44:59Z

original description  (ofMarginaster littoralis Dartnall, 1970) Dartnall, A. (1970). A new species of <i>Marginaster</i> (Asteroidea: Poraniidae) from Tasmania. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 94(3): 207-211. [details]   

new combination reference O'Hara T., Mah C.L., Hipsley C.A., Bribiesca-Contreras G., Barrett N.S. (2018). The Derwent River seastar: re-evaluation of a critically endangered marine invertebrate. <em>Zoological Journal of the Linnean Societ.</em> 1-8., available online at [details]   

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