The wildcard characters that can be used to search the RAS database through this web interface are those of ANSI SQL:

Note: by default there is '%' added at the end of the taxonomic name of your search query.

Search examples

Search stringResults in
a%All entries in the database that start with an 'a'
%ech%All entries with 'ech' somewhere in the name, like 'Diastylis echinata', 'Technitella', 'Echinobothrium', ...
_[bd]%All entries with either a 'b' or a 'd' as the second charater in their name, like 'Abarenicola' or 'Idunella'
[d-f]%All entries with a name starting with 'd', 'e' or 'f', from 'Dacrydium' to 'Fusarium culmorum'
%[_]%All entries containing an underscore
%[%]All entries ending on a percentage sign