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Uchida, Hiro'omi. (2004). Hesionidae (Annelida, Polichaeta [sic]) from Japan. I. Kuroshio Biosphere. 1: 27-92, Plate 1.
Uchida, Hiro'omi
Hesionidae (Annelida, Polichaeta [sic]) from Japan. I.
Kuroshio Biosphere
1: 27-92, Plate 1
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). Uchida's new taxon names appear to be unavailable names as there is no deposition information, contrary to Article 16. No holotype specimen-lot identifiers are given, and no indication of where specimens might be held. WPolyDb follows Villalobos-Guerrero & Harris (2012) who treated Uchida's Ophiodromus new names as available. Other Uchida names are reported, but pro tem regarded as Nomina dubia. A key to Japanese Ophiodromus is given.
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From introduction: "In the present account 17 genera and more than 50 species will be described. Japanese Hesionids with less than 7 pairs of tentacular cirri are described here as Part I of the report. The Hesionids with 8 pairs of tentacular cirri will be reported as Part II."
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Ophiodromus Sars, 1862 accepted as Oxydromus Grube, 1855 (identification resource)
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