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Böggemann, Markus; Dietz, Adrian. (2016). Glyceriformia (Annelida) from the deep sea of the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology. 39(8): 1505-1510.
10.1007/s00300-015-1864-z [view]
Böggemann, Markus; Dietz, Adrian
Glyceriformia (Annelida) from the deep sea of the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Polar Biology
39(8): 1505-1510
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
The faunas living in the vast deep sea regions around the Antarctic are very poorly known. This is especially true for the biodiversity of polychaetes inhabiting these remote areas. Therefore, we report new morphological data of Glyceriformia from the ANDEEP cruises to the South Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean. Based on benthos samples from three expeditions aboard R/V POLARSTERN, two species of Glyceridae (Glycera capitata, G. diva) and four species of Goniadidae (Bathyglycinde sibogana, B. stepaniantsae, Goniada maculata, Progoniada regularis) were studied. Furthermore, new morphological details (especially for the previously unknown tail) for the rarely found taxon B. stepaniantsae are given. The distribution patterns of the different taxa demonstrated that some species have a high dispersal capability and show an extended level of eurybathy, whereas other species are restricted to the deep sea.
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2016-11-06 02:43:54Z

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