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Soto, Eulogio H.; San Martín, Guillermo. (2017). Exogoninae (Annelida: Syllidae) from Chilean Patagonia. Zootaxa. 4353(3): 521-539.
10.11646/zootaxa.4353.3.7 [view]
Soto, Eulogio H.; San Martín, Guillermo
Exogoninae (Annelida: Syllidae) from Chilean Patagonia
4353(3): 521-539
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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The subfamily Exogoninae was studied from samples collected in shallow waters of the fjords and channels of the Patagonian region of Chile. Two new species are described: Exogone yagan n. sp. and Erinaceusyllis carrascoi n. sp. The species Exogone heterosetoides , Erinaceusyllis bidentata and Erinaceusyllis perspicax are newly reported to Chile, as well as the genus Erinaceusyllis San Martín, 2005. Parapionosyllis brevicirra , Sphaerosyllis hirsuta and Salvatoria rhopalophora , n. comb., are also reported, with the latter redescribed. Finally, we redescribe Exogone anomalochaeta from Antarctica. Most of the species were found inside tubes of Chaetopterus cf. variopedatus ; this habitat is new for Exogoninae. This research is a new taxonomic account of Syllidae in Chile and improves the knowledge of Exogoninae of the Patagonian region.  
Corresponding author: E.H. Soto
Systematics, Taxonomy
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