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Hamilton, F. [Buchanan] (1822). An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges and its branches. Edinburgh & London. Pp i-vii + 1-405, Pls. 1-39.
Hamilton, F.
An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges and its branches
Edinburgh & London. Pp i-vii
Often as Hamilton-Buchanan or Buchanan-Hamilton; in work as Hamilton [formerly Buchanan]. See Gudger 1924 [ref. 5927]. See also Roberts 1998 [ref. 23552]. Gudger, E.W. (1924). The sources of the material for Hamilton-Buchanan's fishes of the Ganges, the fate of his collections, drawings and notes, and the use made of his data. J. Proc. Asiatic Soc. Bengal (N. S.) v. 29 (no. 4), pp 121-136. [ref. 5927] Publication date: 28 July Roberts, T.R. (1998). Francis Hamiltons and the freshwater stingrays described inhis Gangetic fishes (1822). Arch. Nat. Hist. v. 25 (no. 2), pp 267-280. [ref. 23552] From Eschmeyer on the web.
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