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Rawlence, D.L. 1987. A guide to common phytoplankton of the St. Croix Estuary, New Brunswick. The New Brunswick Museum Publications in Natural Science No. 6. 60 p.
Rawlence, D. L.
A guide to common phytoplankton of the St. Croix Estuary, New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Museum Publications in Natural Science No
6(60): p.
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Actinoptychus undulatus (J.W.Bailey) Ralfs, 1861 accepted as Actinoptychus senarius (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1843 accepted as Actinocyclus senarius Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen, 1979 † (additional source)
Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen, 1979 (additional source)
Berkeleya rutilans (Trentepohl ex Roth) Grunow, 1880 (basis of record)
Brachysira vitrea (Grunow) R.Ross, 1986 accepted as Gomphonema vitreum Grunow, 1878 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve, 1889 (additional source)
Cocconeis placentula Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Coscinodiscus marginatus Ehrenberg, 1844 (basis of record)
Cylindrotheca gracilis (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow, 1882 (additional source)
Dictyocha fibula Ehrenberg, 1839 † (basis of record)
Dictyocha speculum Ehrenberg, 1839 accepted as Octactis speculum (Ehrenberg) F.H.Chang, J.M.Grieve & J.E.Sutherland, 2017 (additional source)
Eunotia pectinalis (Kützing) Rabenhorst, 1864 (basis of record)
Frustulia vulgaris (Thwaites) De Toni, 1891 (basis of record)
Navicula tripunctata (O.F.Müller) Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1822 accepted as Vibrio tripunctatus O.F.Müller, 1786 (additional source)
Nitzschia longissima (Brébisson) Ralfs, 1861 (additional source)
Odontella aurita (Lyngbye) C.Agardh, 1832 (additional source)
Sellaphora pupula (Kützing) Mereschkovsky, 1902 (basis of record)
Stauroneis anceps Ehrenberg, 1843 (additional source)
Synedra radians Kützing, 1844 accepted as Fragilaria radians (Kützing) D.M.Williams & Round, 1987 accepted as Synedra radians var. radians Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Tabellaria fenestrata (Lyngbye) Kützing, 1844 (additional source)
Tabellaria flocculosa (Roth) Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
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