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Schmelz, Rüdiger M.; Collado, Rut. (2015). Checklist of taxa of Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta): an update. Soil Organisms. 87(2): 149–152.
Schmelz, Rüdiger M.; Collado, Rut
Checklist of taxa of Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta): an update
Soil Organisms
87(2): 149–152
Available for editors  PDF available
The checklist of accepted species of Enchytraeidae in Schmelz & Collado (2012) included 676 species (682 with subspecies). Subsequently, 34 new species and 2 new subspecies were described, and one new genus was erected. Furthermore, several changes in the status of species and genus names occurred (invalidations, revalidations, new combinations). The following lists are meant as a supplement to the checklist in Schmelz & Collado (2012).
Systematics, Taxonomy
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