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Benham, William B. (1927). Polychaeta [Terra Nova]. British Antarctic 'Terra Nova' Expedition Natural History Reports, Zoology. 7(2): 47-182, plates 1-6.
Benham, William B.
Polychaeta [Terra Nova]
British Antarctic 'Terra Nova' Expedition Natural History Reports, Zoology
7(2): 47-182, plates 1-6
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
Summary: The number of species in the present collection is 88; of these 54 species occur in the Ross Sea and McMurdo Sound, 33 in the waters round New Zealand (one of which, Phyllodoce madeirensis, is common to both areas), and 3 on the shore of South Trinidad in the Atlantic. There remain to be examined the representatives of the two families Tomopteridae and Alciopidae; of these pelagic worms a large number were collected, especially of the former. They are chiefly from the neighbourhood of Nelson, only a few individual Alciopids having been included in the Antarctic gatherings. I hope to give an account of these pelagic forms in a separate Report. It will be convenient to consider the Antarctic and the New Zealand species separately; in the following list the species from these two areas are distinguished by the letters A. and N.Z. respectively.
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