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Bick, Andreas. (2001). The morphology and ecology of Dipolydora armata (Polychaeta, Spionidae) from the western Mediterranean Sea. Acta Zoologica (Stockholm). 82: 177-187.
10.1046/j.1463-6395.2001.00078.x [view]
Bick, Andreas
The morphology and ecology of <i>Dipolydora armata</i> (Polychaeta, Spionidae) from the western Mediterranean Sea.
Acta Zoologica (Stockholm)
82: 177-187
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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The cosmopolitan spionid Dipolydora armata is a dominant species of epifauna on Thais haemastoma shells in the western Mediterranean Sea. Some characters, particularly number, thickness and arrangement of notopodial spines, were extremely variable among specimens. Three morphological forms were distinguished based on the general appearance of the bundles of spines; one form possesses at least one bundle of stout spines, whereas bundles of medium spines or thinner acicular spines characterise the other forms. Differences in prostomial shape, as well as in the extension and form of the caruncle, were artefacts (preservation or angle of observation). The present study supports D. rogeri as a junior synonym of D. armata. D. armata was regularly found on shells inhabited by hermit crabs (Calcinus tubularis, Clibanarius erythropus) and on damaged, empty shells. Abundance, dominance, size frequency, occurrence of larvae and occurrence of regenerated specimens varied, possibly as a result of fouling strategy and recurrent settlements.
Associations, Symbiosis, Commensalism (parasitism see *PAR)
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