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Kirkegaard, J. B. (1995). Bathyal and abyssal polychaetes (errant species). Galathea Report. 17: 7-56.
Kirkegaard, J. B.
Bathyal and abyssal polychaetes (errant species)
Galathea Report
17: 7-56
Publication date: 24 March 1995 (fide Galathea Report web page )
A total of 105 species representing 17 families of errant polychaetes were obtained from 40 bathyal and 43 abyssal stations by the Galathea Expedition 1950-52. Sixteen species were found only in the abyssal zone, 54 only in the bathyal zone, and 35 in both. Two species are pelagic. One genus (Telodrieschia) and nineteen species (Aphrodita abyssalis, Eunoe kermadeca, Harmothoe australis, H. panamensis, Lagisca longipalpa, L. torbeni, Telodrieschia galatheae, Bathyvitiazia pettibonae, Glycera knoxi, Glycinde hanseni, Goniada beiraensis, G. clavata, Typosyllis bathyalis, Hediste kermadeca, Neanthes suluensis, Rullierinereis abyssalis, Nephtys bruuni, Kinbergonuphis bathyalis, Ninoe ninetta) are new to science. The known distribution of many deep-water species is extended. Aglaophamus elamellata Eliason was previously known only from the Central Atlantic and the Kermadec Trench and has now been recorded from several intervening localities.
Abyssal, Deep-Sea
Bathyal, Continental slope
Systematics, Taxonomy
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