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Knox, George A. (1960). Biological Results of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition. Part 3. Polychaeta errantia. New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Bulletin. 139(3): 77-143.
Knox, George A.
Biological Results of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition. Part 3. Polychaeta errantia
New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Bulletin
139(3): 77-143
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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[Introduction as follows:]
This paper records the Errant Polychaeta collected by the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition. Details of this expedition are to be found in the account by Knox (1957) listed at the end of this paper. Additional material from the Chatham Islands in the collections of the Dominion Museum, Wellington, and the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, has been examined, as well as the polychaetes from "Discovery II" Sta. 2733 on the Chatham Rise.
I would like to express my thanks to all members of the expedition, and in particular to Dr Elizabeth Batham and Dr R. K. Dell, who assisted in the collection and preservation of the specimens. A grant from the University of Canterbury Council enabled me to visit the British Museum to compare much of the material discussed in this paper with the collections housed there. As will be seen this enabled many points of synonymy to be cleared up. My work at the British Museum was facilitated by the friendly assistance of the officers of the Museum, particularly Mr Norman Tebble, to whom I offer my sincere thanks. A period was also spent at the Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California, with Dr Olga Hartman, to whom I also express my gratitude for the assistance given. Much of the comparative material, from widespread localities throughout New Zealand, used in the preparation of this account was collected on field trips financed by grants from the Research Committee of the University of New Zealand. For this assistance I am very grateful.
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