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Bachelet, G.; Dauvin, J.-C.; Sorbe, J. C. (2003). An updated checklist of marine and brackish water Amphipoda (Crustacea: Peracarida) of the southern Bay of Biscay (NE Atlantic). Cah. Biol. Mar. 44(2): 121-151.
Bachelet, G.; Dauvin, J.-C.; Sorbe, J. C.
An updated checklist of marine and brackish water Amphipoda (Crustacea: Peracarida) of the southern Bay of Biscay (NE Atlantic)
Cah. Biol. Mar.
44(2): 121-151
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Brachyscelus crusculum Spence Bate, 1861 (additional source)
Caprella equilibra Say, 1818 (additional source)
Caprella penantis Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Carangolia J.L. Barnard, 1961 (basis of record)
Corophium volutator (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Ericthonius punctatus (Spence Bate, 1857) (additional source)
Eurythenes gryllus (Lichtenstein in Mandt, 1822) (additional source)
Eusirella elegans Chevreux, 1908 (additional source)
Hyperia galba (Montagu, 1813) (additional source)
Hyperioides longipes Chevreux, 1900 (additional source)
Jassa falcata (Montagu, 1808) (additional source)
Jassa marmorata Holmes, 1905 (additional source)
Lanceola sayana Bovallius, 1885 (additional source)
Lestrigonus H. Milne Edwards, 1830 (basis of record)
Lestrigonus schizogeneios (Stebbing, 1888) (basis of record)
Leucothoe spinicarpa (Abildgaard, 1789) (additional source)
Microphasma Woltereck, 1909 (basis of record)
Microphasma agassizi Woltereck, 1909 (basis of record)
Paracallisoma alberti Chevreux, 1903 (additional source)
Phronima sedentaria (Forskål, 1775) (additional source)
Phrosina semilunata Risso, 1822 (additional source)
Phtisicidae accepted as Caprellidae Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Primno macropa Guérin-Méneville, 1836 (basis of record)
Scina borealis (G.O. Sars, 1883) (additional source)
Scina crassicornis (Fabricius, 1775) (additional source)
Scina marginata (Bovallius, 1885) (additional source)
Scypholanceola Woltereck, 1905 (basis of record)
Scypholanceola aestiva (Stebbing, 1888) (basis of record)
Stilipes Holmes, 1908 (basis of record)
Themisto abyssorum (Boeck, 1871) (additional source)
Themisto gaudichaudi Guérin, 1825 accepted as Themisto gaudichaudii Guérin, 1825 (additional source)
Vibilia cultripes Vosseler, 1901 (basis of record)
Vibilia propinqua Stebbing, 1888 (additional source)
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