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RAS source details

Mühlenhardt-Siegel, Ute
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Antarctic Ocean for Campylaspis breviramis Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Campylaspis excavata Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Cumella (Cumella) cumella Corbera, 2000 
Antarctic Ocean for Cumella (Cumella) pectinifera Gamo, 1987 
Antarctic Ocean for Diastylis enigmatica Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Diastylis galeronae Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Hemilamprops mawsoni Hale, 1937 
Antarctic Ocean for Holostylis helleri (Zimmer, 1907) 
Antarctic Ocean for Leucon (Alytoleucon) polarsterni Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Leucon (Crymoleucon) intermedius Mühlenhardt-Siegel, 1996 
Antarctic Ocean for Leucon (Macrauloleucon) parasiphonatus Mühlenhardt-Siegel, 1994 
Antarctic Ocean for Leucon (Macrauloleucon) weddelli Ledoyer, 1993 
Antarctic Ocean for Makrokylindrus (Adiastylis) inscriptus Jones, 1971 
Antarctic Ocean for Paralamprops asper Zimmer, 1907 
Antarctic Ocean for Procampylaspis meridiana Jones, 1971 
Antarctica for Leucon (Crymoleucon) breidensis Gamo, 1987 
Argentinean Exclusive Economic Zone for Campylaspis frigida Hansen, 1908 
Argentinean Exclusive Economic Zone for Campylaspis nodulosa Sars, 1886 
Argentinean Exclusive Economic Zone for Campylaspis quadriplicata Lomakina, 1968 
Chile for Campylaspis quadriplicata Lomakina, 1968 
Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zone for Campylaspis frigida Hansen, 1908 
Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zone for Campylaspis johnstoni Hale, 1937 
Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zone for Diastylopsis annulata (Zimmer, 1902) 
Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zone for Kerguelenica platycephala Ledoyer, 1977 
Kerguelen Exclusive Economic Zone for Leptostylis crassicauda Zimmer, 1907 
King George Island for Ekleptostylis debroyeri Blazewicz & Heard, 2001 
Magellan Strait for Leucon (Crymoleucon) sagitta Zimmer, 1907 
Magellan Strait for Leucon (Leucon) assimilis Sars, 1886 
Ross Sea for Gynodiastylis jadzewskii Blazewicz & Heard, 1999 
South Georgian and the South Sandwich Islands for Holostylis spinicauda Blazewicz-Paszkowycz & Heard, 2005 
South Shetland Islands for Ekleptostylis debroyeri Blazewicz & Heard, 2001 
Weddell Sea for Campylaspis ledoyeri Petrescu & Wittmann, 2003 
Weddell Sea for Hemilamprops bacescui Petrescu & Wittmann, 2003 
Weddell Sea for Leptostylis weddelli Petrescu & Wittmann, 2003 
Weddell Sea for Paralamprops racovitzai Petrescu & Wittmann, 2003 

In Bacescu 1988 both Paralamprops mawsoni Hale, 1937 and Hemilamprops mawsoni (Hale, 1937) are cited, because in ... [details]


Listed as Paralamprops asper in Bacescu, 1988 [details]

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