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Ikedidae Bock, 1942

366284  (

marine, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
RAS (2021). Ikedidae Bock, 1942. Accessed at: on 2022-06-27
RAS (Eds.) (2022). Register of Antarctic Species. Ikedidae Bock, 1942. Accessed at: on 2022-06-27
2008-08-08 08:28:57Z
2017-08-15 08:38:31Z

basis of record Murina, Vantsetti. List of Echiura. [details]   

status source Goto, R. (2016). A comprehensive molecular phylogeny of spoon worms (Echiura, Annelida): implications for morphological evolution, the origin of dwarf males, and habitat shifts. <em>Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.</em> 99: 247–260., available online at [details]   

status source Nishikawa, T. (2002). Comments on the taxonomic status of Ikeda taenioides (Ikeda, 1904) with some amendments in the classification of the phylum Echiura. <em>Zoological Science.</em> 19(10): 1175–1180., available online at
note: Ikedidae was regarded as a junior synonym of the family Echiuridae. [details]   

status source Goto, R., Okamoto, T., Ishikawa, H., Hamamura, Y., Kato, M. (2013). Molecular phylogeny of echiuran worms (Phylum: Annelida) reveals evolutionary pattern of feeding mode and sexual dimorphism. <em>PLoS ONE.</em> 8(2): e56809., available online at [details]   
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