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RAS taxon details


391848  (

Lühe, 1913, emend. Cavalier-Smith, 1998
Subphylum Amoebozoa incertae sedis
Subphylum Conosa
Subphylum Lobosa

Class Lobosea accepted as Tubulinea
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
RAS (2021). Amoebozoa. Accessed at: on 2021-07-29
RAS (Eds.) (2021). Register of Antarctic Species. Amoebozoa. Accessed at: on 2021-07-29
2009-04-20 12:15:00Z
2011-10-14 10:07:31Z

context source (Bermuda) Waterston, J. M. (1947). The fungi of Bermuda. Dept. of Agriculture, Bermuda, 23: 305 [details]   

basis of record Adl, S. M.; Simpson, A. G. B.; Lane, C. E.; Lukeš, J.; Bass, D.; Bowser, S. S.; Brown, M. W.; Burki, F.; Dunthorn, M.; Hampl, V.; Heiss, A.; Hoppenrath, M.; Lara, E.; Le Gall, L.; Lynn, D. H.; McManus, H.; Mitchell, E. A. D.; Mozley-Stanridge, S. E.; Parfrey, L. W.; Pawlowski, J.; Rueckert, S.; Shadwick, L.; Schoch, C. L.; Smirnov, A.; Spiegel, F. W. (2012). The Revised Classification of Eukaryotes. <em>Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology.</em> 59(5): 429-514., available online at [details]  OpenAccess publication 
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