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Erythrotrichia carnea (Dillwyn) J.Agardh, 1883

145490  (

Ceramicola rubra Örsted, 1844 · unaccepted (synonym)
Conferva carnea Dillwyn, 1807 · unaccepted (synonym)
Conferva ceramicola Lyngbye, 1819 · unaccepted (synonym)
Erythrotrichia filibasalis Noda, 1987 · unaccepted (synonym)


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LSID [details]

Distribution Long Island Sound to Strait of Belle Isle  
Distribution Long Island Sound to Strait of Belle Isle [details]
Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. (2024). AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway (taxonomic information republished from AlgaeBase with permission of M.D. Guiry). Erythrotrichia carnea (Dillwyn) J.Agardh, 1883. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: on 2024-05-27
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
2010-12-13 10:09:16Z
2015-06-26 12:00:51Z

Copyright notice: the information originating from AlgaeBase may not be downloaded or replicated by any means, without the written permission of the copyright owner (generally AlgaeBase). Fair usage of data in scientific publications is permitted.

original description  (of Erythrotrichia filibasalis Noda, 1987) Noda, M. (1987). [Seaweeds of the Japan Sea]. pp. 1-557. Tokyo: Kazama Shobô [Kazamashobo]. [details]   

original description  (of Ceramicola rubra Örsted, 1844) Örsted, Anders Sandoe. (1844). De regionibus marinis. Elementa topographiae historiconaturalis freti Öresund. <em>Dissertatio inauguralis, quam ad honores magistri artium rite capessendos scripsit et die XXIX mensis Aprilis respondnete ornatissimo E. Petit. chir. mil. publice defendere studebit A.S. Uorsted. phil. cand. Hauniae. Typis excussit J.C. Scharling. Havniae, Köpenhamn.</em> 1-88, 2 pls. + [2] pp., available online at [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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additional source Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. (2024). AlgaeBase. <em>World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway.</em> searched on YYYY-MM-DD., available online at [details]   

additional source Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). , available online at [details]   
 Present  Present in aphia/obis/gbif/idigbio   Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From editor or global species database
LSID [details]

From other sources
Diet photosynthetic [details]

Distribution Long Island Sound to Strait of Belle Isle [details]

Habitat on shell or stone or epiphytic on other algae in quiet waters from the mid-littoral to 15 m [details]

Morphology Red colour results from the dominance of the pigments phycoerythrin and phycocyanin; this masks the other pigments, chlorophyll a (no chlorophyll b), beta-caratene and a number of unique xanthophylls. [details]

Reproduction vegetative reproduction is rare; asexual reproduction is effected by the formation of various kinds of spores; Sexual reproduction is unique in this group due to their passive, non flagellated sperm cells (spermatia) [details]

Synonymy The synonymy was proposed by J. Agardh (1883: 15). Børgesen's 1932 record of Erythrotrichia
was listed by V. Krishnamurthy & Joshi (1970: 16) both as E. Carnea and ``Acrochaetium
J. Ag.''. [details]

Danish almindelig rødhår  [details]
Japanese ホシノイト  [details]
Norwegian Bokmål rød stjernetråd  [details]
Norwegian Nynorsk raud stjernetråd  [details]
Swedish stjärntråd  [details]
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