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22528  (

marine, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Hayward, B.W.; Le Coze, F.; Vachard, D.; Gross, O. (2024). World Foraminifera Database. Foraminiferida. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: on 2024-07-14
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basis of record Gross, O. (2001). Foraminifera, <B><I>in</I></B>: Costello, M.J. <i>et al.</i> (Ed.) (2001). <i>European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels,</i> 50: pp. 60-75 (look up in IMIS[details]   

additional source Parker, S.P. (Ed.) (1982). Synopsis and classification of living organisms. McGraw Hill Book Company: New York, NY (USA). ISBN 0-07-079031-0. 1166, 1232 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]   
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Diagnosis Cytoplasmic body enclosed in test or shell of one or more interconnected chambers; wall may be homogeneous or of similar or unlike layers or laminae, may be imperforate or finely to coarsely perforate, basically proteinaceous but may have agglutinated particles, or may deposit the mineral calcite, aragonite, or rarely silica on the organic base, calcareous wall may be porcelaneous, microgranular, or hyaline and optically or ultrastructurally radiate or granular; canal or stolon systems of varied complexity may be present; commonly test has one or more main apertures through, which pseudopodia protrude. Sexual and asexual generations alternate, or one generation may be suppressed; gametes biflagellate, triflagellate, or amoeboid. Free-living or rarely parasitic; benthic and attached or motile, or pelagic, in marine to brackish water, rare in fresh water. Cambrian to Holocene. (Loeblich & Tappan, 1987, Foraminiferal Genera and Their Classification) [details]
Japanese 有孔虫目  [details]
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